Take control of your gambling

As well as reaching out to others for support, there are several self-help strategies that can help you control your gambling or reduce the opportunities for you to gamble.

Practical tips to help you control your gambling

  • Think of gambling as entertainment, not a way to make money.
  • Never gamble if you're feeling depressed or upset.
  • Only gamble with money you've set aside for entertainment.
  • Balance gambling with other entertainment or leisure activities.
  • Before you start, always set a money limit and stick to it.
  • Leave your ATM card at home to resist breaking your limit.
  • Make sure you set a limited time period.
  • Take frequent breaks to reassess and keep perspective.
  • Don't fall into the trap of chasing your losses.
  • You'll have trouble making sensible decisions if you drink or use drugs when gambling.

Self-help strategies and tools


Self-exclusion, or self-banning, is a voluntary program which is available to anyone who wants to restrict or stop their access to gaming venues and online bookmakers.

Self exclusion forms can be found at the following links:

Online self-exclusion

As well as self excluding with specific agencies or venues there are a range of software packages and online tools available that can help you to block gambling websites and advertisements which you browse with the web.

Examples of these can be found through the following search engines:

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